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              Top May Drinks

              1 part Dumante Verdenoce
              1.5 gold rum
              2 orange juice
              1 part cola
              garnish with orange slice

              Build over ice in a Collins glass. Place fresh orange slice on rim

              Mix 151 and lime juice in glass, drop shot of tequilla in and put down all at once.

              Easy as 1-2-3. Just stir once all has been mixed.

              3/4 oz Licor 43® liqueur
              1 splash vodka
              1/4 oz
              1/2 oz

              Pour ingredients into mixing cup filled with ice, shake and strain into glass.

              In a shot glass (or double shot glass), fill halfway with vodka (we use Smirnoff) and the other half with tequila (we use Jose Cuervo). **NOTE** This shot is not an enjoyable one to the drinker. It is hilarious for those watching the drinker do the shot. It is perfect to use as a prank on a friend (especially on a buddy's 21st!)

              Vin Diesel, The Kicker, The Ultimate Margarita, Italian Blind, Sparkling Sunrise, The Whipped Chill, Whipped Mango, Apple Fluff, Fluff-n-Nutty, Smirnoff Blue Wave, Fluffed Cocoa, Sugar & Spice, Mellow Russian, Mellow Berry, Orange Dreamsicle, Black Bush and Ginger, , Guinness Draught In Can, Red Stripe, Smirnoff Ice Original, Captain and Cola, Kunamatata, Blackout Club, Ambrosia Shot, Blue Jaguar, , Wet panty, Macedonian Well, Passoabu, Custom SK Slammer

              pick of the week

              Most Popular Drinks

              1. Caribou Lou
              2. Jager Bomb
              3. Irish Car Bomb
              4. Long Island Iced Tea
              5. Italian Apple Martini
              6. Amaretto Sour
              7. Mojito Diablo
              8. Jungle Juice
              9. Mojito
              10. Red Headed Slut
              11. Buttery Nipple
              12. Ice Bomb
              13. Midori Sour
              14. Mountain Breeze
              15. Porn Star
              16. Godiva Chocolate Martini
              17. Body Shot
              18. Flaming Dr. Pepper
              19. Cape Cod
              20. Surfer On Acid
              21. Washington Apple Shot
              22. Chocolate Cake Shot
              23. Jack and Coke
              24. Blue Hawaiian
              25. Adios Motherfucker
              26. White Russian
              27. Washington Apple Cocktail
              28. Chocolate Cake Shooter
              29. Carbomb
              30. Bloody Mary
              31. Polar Bear
              32. Sex with an Alligator
              33. Malibu Bay Breeze
              34. Fat Frog
              35. Sweet Tight Pussy
              36. Scooby Snack
              37. Blue Lagoon
              38. Miami Vice
              39. Lava Flow
              40. Crispy Crunch
              41. Caipirinha
              42. Grateful Dead
              43. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
              44. Tokyo Tea
              45. Strawberry Daiquiri
              46. Red Death
              47. Captain and Coke
              48. Painkiller
              49. French Martini
              50. Dixie Car Bomb
              51. Pina Colada Punch
              52. Jack Daniel's Lynchburg ...
              53. Incredible Hulk
              54. Kiss on the Lips
              55. Cosmopolitan Cocktail
              56. Amaretto Stone Sour
              57. Nuts and Berries
              58. Buttery Nipple #2
              59. Sex on the Beach
              60. Jello Shots
              61. Apple Pie Punch
              62. Water Moccasin
              63. Kamakazie
              64. Fruit Tingle #2
              65. Tequila Sunrise
              66. Chocolate Cake
              67. B-52
              68. Strawberry Ice
              69. Baltimore Zoo
              70. Ruby Relaxer
              71. Lemon Drop
              72. Gin and Tonic
              73. Walk Me Down (Sweet Jesus)
              74. Blueberry Tea
              75. Pensacola Bushwacker
              76. Michael Moros Detroit Boy
              77. Adios Motherfucker #3
              78. Purple Hooter
              79. Dingo
              80. Colorado Bulldog
              81. Flaming Lamborghini
              82. Black & Tan
              83. Tom Collins
              84. Scooby Snack #4
              85. Ultimate June Bug
              86. Blue MotherFucker
              87. Four Horsemen
              88. Rusty Nail
              89. Thug Passion
              90. Kamikaze
              91. Liquid Viagra
              92. Caipiroska
              93. Dead Nazi
              94. Hurricane
              95. Apple Martini
              96. Tucker Death Mix
              97. Squashed Frog
              98. Hummingbird
              99. Flatliner
              100. Key West Screwdriver

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